When Do Puppies Start Walking?

Puppy Development

Puppies are born blind and deaf, and they rely on their sense of smell and touch. They usually start trying to stand and walk around their third week of life.

First Steps

By the age of 3-4 weeks, puppies begin taking their first wobbly steps. It's an adorable and exciting time in their development.

Motor Skills

Developing motor skills, coordination, and balance takes time. Puppies may stumble and fall as they learn to navigate the world on their tiny legs.

Support and Encouragement

Provide a safe environment for your puppy to explore, and be there to support and encourage their early attempts at walking.

 Growth Stages

Keep in mind that the rate of development varies among puppies. Smaller breeds may take longer to develop their walking abilities.

Veterinary Care

Regular vet check-ups are crucial to monitor your puppy's health and ensure they are on the right developmental track.

Patience and Love

Be patient, loving, and supportive throughout your puppy's developmental journey. Cherish each milestone in their growth.

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