Top 7 Ways to Calm a Hyper Dog


Regular exercise is key to managing your hyper dog's energy levels. Daily walks, playtime, and interactive toys can help burn off excess energy.

Mental Stimulation

Dogs need mental stimulation too. Provide puzzle toys and engage in training sessions to keep their minds occupied.

Routine and Structure

Dogs thrive on routine and structure. Establish a consistent daily schedule to help your hyper dog feel secure.

Obedience Training

 Proper training can teach your dog to control their impulses and respond to commands, reducing hyperactivity.

Relaxation Techniques

 Techniques like massage, aromatherapy, and calming music can help your dog unwind and reduce anxiety.

Diet and Nutrition

A balanced diet can impact your dog's behavior. Consult with your vet to ensure your dog's nutritional needs are met.

Consult a Professional

If your dog's hyperactivity persists, consult a professional dog trainer or a veterinarian for personalized guidance.

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