Top 7 Ways Corporate Life Prepared Me for Dog Sitting


Organization is a fundamental skill that translates from corporate life to dog sitting, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Time Management

Effective time management is a shared trait between corporate life and dog sitting, leading to improved productivity in both areas.


Mastering effective communication is essential in corporate settings and dog sitting, playing a vital role in success in both domains.

Problem Solving

The problem-solving skills honed in corporate life become invaluable when dealing with challenges in the world of dog sitting.

Client Relations

The importance of building strong client relations in the corporate world aligns with the significance of client relationships in the dog sitting business.


Adaptability, learned in the corporate world, is a skill that facilitates a seamless transition into the world of dog sitting.


In conclusion, these are the top 7 ways corporate life uniquely prepared me for dog sitting. A journey from the boardroom to the dog park.

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