Top 7 Tips for Training Food-Motivated Dogs


Leverage your dog's love for food as motivation. Treats are powerful tools to reinforce good behavior.


Consistency is vital in dog training. Set clear rules and rewards, and stick to them. Dogs thrive on routine.

Positive Reinforcement

Use positive reinforcement techniques, like treats and praise, to reward your dog when they follow commands or exhibit desired behavior.

Mealtime Training

Incorporate training into mealtime. Use portions of their daily kibble as rewards during training sessions.

Short Sessions

Keep training sessions short and engaging. Dogs have short attention spans, so brief, frequent sessions work best.

Variety of Treats

Offer a variety of treats to keep your dog engaged and motivated. Experiment with different flavors to find what they love most.


Training takes time and patience. Be patient with your dog, and they'll respond positively to your efforts.

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