Top 7 Scent Hound Dog Breeds


The Bloodhound is famous for its incredible tracking abilities, making it a top choice for search and rescue missions.


Beagles are renowned for their scent-detection prowess, often used in law enforcement and search operations.


Coonhounds are skilled in tracking game, making them a favorite among hunters for their reliability.

Basset Hound

 Basset Hounds have an exceptional sense of smell and are known for their unique appearance and charming personality.


Harriers are versatile scent hounds, excelling in tracking small game and being excellent family pets.

Bluetick Coonhound

Bluetick Coonhounds are skilled hunters and trackers, admired for their striking appearance.

Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhounds have a history of tracking big game and are known for their loyal and independent nature.

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