Top 7 Russian Dog Breeds

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are known for their striking appearance and strong work ethic. They make wonderful companions for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.


Borzois, with their elegance and grace, are bred for hunting. Despite their regal appearance, they can be gentle and loyal family pets.

Russian Black Terrier

Russian Black Terriers are a robust and intelligent breed, originally bred for military purposes. They are protective, loyal, and make excellent guard dogs.


Bolonkas are small and delightful companion dogs. They are affectionate, intelligent, and ideal for families or individuals seeking a loving pet.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are imposing and protective canines, traditionally guarding livestock. They require strong leadership and make loyal family protectors.


Samoyeds are known for their friendly disposition and fluffy appearance. They are friendly, adaptable, and thrive in various living environments.

Russian Toy Terrier

Russian Toy Terriers are small but spirited dogs, making great companions for city dwellers. They are lively, affectionate, and enjoy being the center of attention.

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