Top 7 Most Important Dog Training Cues


Teaching your dog to 'sit' is one of the most fundamental and essential commands. It helps establish control, obedience, and safety in various situations.


The 'stay' command is crucial for your dog's safety and obedience. It prevents them from running into dangerous situations and helps them remain calm.


The 'come' command is vital for recall and safety. It ensures your dog returns to you promptly, even in distracting or potentially dangerous environments.


Training your dog to 'down' is valuable for maintaining control, preventing jumping, and ensuring a well-behaved pet in social situations.

Leave It

The 'leave it' cue is essential for your dog's safety. It helps prevent them from picking up harmful objects or consuming items that could be toxic.


Teaching your dog to 'heel' is beneficial during walks. It promotes good leash manners and ensures a pleasant and safe walking experience.


Mastering these top 7 dog training cues is essential for a well-behaved and obedient pet. Consistent practice and positive reinforcement will help your dog.

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