Top 7 Games to Curb Dog Stealing Behavior

Fetch and Return

Engage in a game of fetch and return to encourage your dog to release items on command, reducing stealing tendencies.

Treasure Hunt

Hide treats or toys for your dog to find. This channels their natural hunting instincts and reduces the desire to steal.

Drop It

Teach your dog the 'drop it' command using toys. This helps them understand the concept of letting go.

Leave It

Practice 'leave it' exercises with treats. This reinforces self-control and discourages grabbing forbidden items.

Interactive Puzzles

Offer interactive puzzle toys to keep your dog mentally stimulated, reducing boredom-driven theft.

Food Dispensing Toys

Use food dispensing toys to make mealtime challenging and rewarding, curbing the urge to steal.

Training Rewards

Reward good behavior with treats during training. Positive reinforcement teaches your dog to earn rewards.

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