Top 7 Dog-Walking Problems & Solutions


Is your dog a puller on walks? Teach them proper leash manners through consistent training and positive reinforcement, making your walks more enjoyable.


Reactivity can be challenging. Gradual exposure and desensitization, along with professional guidance, can help reduce your dog's reactivity to other dogs or stimuli.


Excessive barking can be disruptive. Identify the triggers and address them through training and socialization, so your dog remains calm during walks.


Dogs can get easily distracted. Keep your dog engaged with interactive toys or treats, redirecting their attention during walks.


Aggressive behavior needs professional intervention. Consult a dog behaviorist or trainer to address aggression issues and ensure safety during walks.


Some dogs overexert themselves. Pay attention to their energy levels and provide water breaks to keep them comfortable during walks.


Fearful dogs require patience and positive reinforcement. Gradual exposure to what they fear can help them gain confidence during walks.

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