Top 7 Dog Park Etiquette Rules


Properly introduce your dog to others. Allow them to sniff and greet, promoting a positive social atmosphere.

Leash Control

Maintain control of your dog on a leash until you're inside the off-leash area to prevent any mishaps.

Cleanup Duty

Always clean up after your dog. Bring waste bags and promptly dispose of any mess.


Watch your dog closely to ensure they're playing nicely. Step in if any aggressive behavior is observed.

Toys and Treats

Avoid bringing toys or treats that may cause conflicts or jealousy among dogs. Share or leave them at home.

Exit Gracefully

When it's time to leave, call your dog and leash them. Ensure a smooth exit without causing disruptions.


Maintain open communication with fellow dog owners. Be polite and respectful, promoting a friendly dog park environment.

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