Top 7 Best Way to Teach Your Dog the 'Come' Command


The 'come' command is vital for your dog's safety and control. It ensures they return to you when called.

Start Early

Begin training when your dog is a puppy. Early introduction helps build a strong foundation for recall.

Positive Reinforcement

Reward your dog with treats and praise every time they respond to the 'come' command. Make it a positive experience.

Consistent Practice

Regular practice in various environments is crucial. Ensure your dog associates 'come' with positive outcomes.

Distraction Training

Teach 'come' even in the presence of distractions. Gradually increase the level of distractions during training.

Leash Training

Use a long leash during training to ensure your dog's safety while practicing the 'come' command.

Recall Games

Incorporate fun recall games into your training sessions to make 'come' more engaging for your dog.

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