Top 7 Asian Dog Breeds


Akita, a powerful and loyal breed, is deeply revered in Japan. Known for their strong loyalty and majestic appearance, Akitas make wonderful companions.

Shiba Inu

 Shiba Inu, a small and spirited breed, captures hearts with their fox-like appearance and playful personality. They are one of Japan's top choices.

Chow Chow

 The Chow Chow, a distinctive and dignified breed, hails from China. Their lion-like mane and aloof yet loving nature make them unique pets.


Pekingese, bred for Chinese royalty, are known for their regal bearing and affectionate personality. They are true aristocrats among dog breeds.

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs, guardians of the Himalayas, are massive and protective. These gentle giants are known for their unwavering loyalty.


The Basenji, originating in Central Africa, is a small but fearless breed. They're famous for their yodel-like bark and independent spirit.

Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin, a delicate and charming breed, is characterized by its silky coat and endearing personality. They're cherished companions.

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