How to Keeping Your Dog Safe During a Fire


Preparation is key. Have a pet emergency kit ready with essentials like food, water, medications, and a leash for easy evacuation.

Early Warning

Invest in fire and smoke alarms that can help detect fires in their early stages, providing more time for evacuation.

Exit Plan

Plan escape routes for both you and your dog. Ensure everyone in the family knows the exits and meeting points.


Train your dog to come when called and get used to the sound of the smoke alarm, making evacuation less stressful.

Pet Rescue Stickers

Place pet rescue stickers on windows to alert firefighters to the presence of pets in your home.


During a fire, get your dog on a leash or in a carrier for a safe and quick evacuation. Keep calm to reassure your pet.

After the Fire

After a fire, have your dog examined by a vet for any smoke inhalation or injuries, ensuring their well-being.

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