Caring for Your Dog During Diwali

Noise Management

Diwali fireworks can be distressing for dogs. Create a calm space, play soft music, and consider using earplugs to muffle noise.

Pet-Friendly Decorations

Choose pet-safe decorations and lighting. Avoid candles and open flames, which can pose a risk to your dog.

Healthy Treats

Prepare dog-friendly treats to indulge your pet. Ensure they have their own special goodies during the festival.

Stress Management

Look for signs of stress in your dog, such as restlessness or pacing. Offer comfort and, if necessary, consult your vet for anxiety-relief solutions.

Daily Exercise

Maintain your dog's exercise routine. Regular walks and playtime help them burn off energy and stay happy.

Supervision and Safety

Supervise your dog during Diwali celebrations. Keep them indoors to prevent accidents and ensure their safety.

Diwali Delights

Create a happy Diwali for your dog with love and attention. Enjoy the festivities together, but always prioritize your pet's well-being.

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