Best Ways to Play with Your Dog


Toys are your best friends. From squeaky toys to puzzle feeders, the right toys can provide hours of entertainment and mental stimulation for your dog.


Fetch is a classic. Grab a ball or a frisbee and head to the park. It's a great way to exercise your dog while having fun together.

Tug of War

Tug of war is an excellent way to strengthen your dog's muscles and have a blast. Just make sure to use a sturdy rope toy designed for this game.

Hide and Seek

Play a game of hide and seek. Have someone hold your dog while you hide, then call them to find you. It's mentally stimulating and a lot of fun.


Set up a mini agility course in your backyard. Use tunnels, jumps, and cones to create a stimulating and interactive play area for your dog.

Water Fun

If your dog loves water, consider water play. A kiddie pool or a trip to a dog-friendly beach can provide hours of wet and wild enjoyment.

Training Games

Incorporate training into playtime. Teach your dog new tricks or reinforce existing commands while having a blast together.

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