Top 5 Most Compatible Zodiac Signs, According to Astrologers

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Top 5 Most Compatible Zodiac Signs, According to Astrologers: Do you ever wonder if your zodiac sign has anything to do with your romantic relationships? Astrologers have looked to the stars for centuries to determine different aspects of our lives, including the fate of love relationships. As a zodiac sign can indicate common traits in your personality, your chart might indicate what qualities work well together to foster love and partnership.

Astrologer Colin Bedell counsels dating people whose signs sit directly opposite yours on the zodiac wheel if you’re looking for romance. It is said that these two zodiac positions are polarities, which means that they are opposites and have the potential for dynamic compatibility. In addition, complementary elements can indicate the likelihood of love, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust. She explains that these are some of the most likely pairs to meet.

Top 5 Most Compatible Zodiac Signs, According to Astrologers
Top 5 Most Compatible Zodiac Signs, According to Astrologers

Nevertheless, both astrologers emphasize that anyone can cultivate fulfilling love regardless of their sign. In her experience as a professional astrologer, Stardust says that all zodiac signs are capable of forming long-lasting relationships together.” Bedell says that we can all benefit from learning about our opposing sign; we can use these insights to make every love story more harmonious.

Are you interested in finding out which of the zodiac signs might be your soul mate? Bedell and Stardust reveal which signs are best for romance and love.

Aries and Libra 

Aries, the fire sign, and Libra, the air sign, are sure to ignite sparks when they come together. The two will create an unstoppable blaze of chemistry if they’re willing to appreciate and learn from their differences. With independent Mars ruling Aries and harmonious Venus ruling Libra, Bedell is confident this pairing will “create the balance of autonomy and connection” every relationship needs.

Aries should frequently remind their Libra love, “Babe, I’ve got to take care of you too,” even when Libra can help them become more thoughtful and involved in the community.

Gemini and Virgo

A romantic partnership between Gemini and Virgo can bring grounding and strength to the outgoing Air sign. A carefree Gemini can help a Virgo loosen up. According to Stardust, “These mercurial signs will share laughs and memories throughout their lives.”

Taurus and Scorpio

Scorpio, a Water sign ruled by transformational Pluto, desires intensity and exploring what lies beneath the surface. Taurus, an Earth sign ruled by Venus, shares tactile beauty. The contrast here is exactly what makes this pairing so fertile for growth, as Bedell points out. Scorpio really deals with the reality of pain and pleasure,” he says, and is a fiercely loyal companion in helping Taurus embrace “all of the storms of life as much as rainbows and 400-thread sheets.”

As a result of Taurus’ infectious joie de vivre, Scorpio can step out of the ocean once in a while and discover just how nice it is to dig your toes into the sand. When they work together, they can build a solid foundation that will stand the test of time.

Libra and Leo

The relationship between a Libra and a Leo is dynamic and effortless. “Both zodiac signs are romantic and love to be romanced, so they cheer each other on,” Stardust explains. Libra and Leo complement each other’s proclivity for balance and beauty, making them a positive power couple.

Gemini and Sagittarius 

A Gemini and Sagittarius relationship is sure to be filled with fireworks, foreign lands, and emotional inquiry. Ironically, the thing that makes these signs compatible is their mutual desire for healthy boundaries. Communication and internal evolution are ruled by Mercury, the planet of Gemini.

Bedell says they are always reinventing themselves and exploring new personas, and need time for self-discovery. Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius also seeks purpose in the world and seeks “freedom to explore, get curious, and live from a place of continually expanding vision.” Both of them feel grateful to have a partner who is committed to exploring and wondering.

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